Lynsb Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeter with Atex & IEC Ex

Lynsb Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeter with Atex & IEC Ex

LYNSB Series Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter 1.1Introduction LYNSB- Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter (hereafter call Ultrasonic Meter
Basic Info.
Measuring Media Gas
Measuring Principle Acoustics
Measurement Object Closed Pipeline
Certification JIS, DIN, ANS, GB, CE, ISO
Pressure 16bar to 420bar
Transport Package Wooden Case
Specification transmit time principle
Trademark YINUO
Origin Shanghai, China.
HS Code 9026100000
Production Capacity 2000
Product Description
LYNSB Series Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter
LYNSB- Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter (hereafter call Ultrasonic Meter) is the key and newly designed product with cutting-edge technology. It can be used in process measuring and custody transfer metering in fields such as gas production of oilfields,energy, and environmental protection. Compared with traditional flowmeters,
Ultrasonic Meter with remarkable performance like low pressure, low velocity, no pressure loss, high accuracy, is becoming the most advanced and quickly developed new flowmeter.
1.2 WorkingTheory
Ultrasonic wave is sonic wave with frequency larger than 20000Hz featured with better directionality, penetration and energy concentration, which makes Ultrasonic Meter the new advance flowmeter.
Ultrasonic Meter uses theory of acoustic transit time, as in Fig 1-1:

Lynsb Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeter with Atex & IEC Ex-Certificates

Transducer A (Upstream) sends ultrasonic wave that transits in the pipe and will make total reflection when it touch the smooth and high hardness pipe bottom, and then it goes to B(Downstream) transducer that will receive this wave, which make one sonic path. After B receives the wave, it will send another ultrasonic wave that to be received by A. As the medium is actually carrier of sonic wave, when it flows, the transit time will be different with different flow velocity, which will result in flow velocity and flowrate after calculation of mathematical model.
Flow velocity:

Lynsb Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeter with Atex & IEC Ex-Certificates

Sound velocity:

Lynsb Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeter with Atex & IEC Ex-Certificates


Lynsb Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeter with Atex & IEC Ex-Certificates

V: Gas flow velocity (m/s)
C: Sound velocity (m/s)
F: Volume of flowing medium (m3/h)
D: Diameter of pipe (m)
: Angle of path to the flow (o)
: Transit time from transducer A to B (s)
: Transit time from transducer B to A (s)
: Sound delay time by circuit, cable and transducer from A to B/ Sound delay time by circuit, cable and transducer from B to A (s)
  • Features
Compared with traditional flowmeter, Ultrasonic Meter has outstanding features:
1) Good performance for measuring low frequency pulsating flow and stable flow;
2) Can be used for tough medium like gas with little vapor or coal tar;
3) High accuracy up to 0.5%, and repeatability less than 0.1%;
  1. Wide turndown ratio, up to 1:50;
  2. Bi-direction measurement, suitable for small working pressure and low flow velocity;
  3. Multi-path measurement can reduce the influence of turbulent flow, and the meter can also work normally when one path broken down;
  4. No movable parts inside, near no pressure drop, little maintenance;
  5. Self-diagnose function will help to judge, correct and alarm for failures, thus reduce measurement loss;
  6. It can output flowrate in standard condition after temperature and pressure compensation.
    < >Ultrasonic MeterIn long transportation line of natural gas;
  7. In city gas;
  8. For well head gas in oilfield;
  9. Boiler gas;
  10. In large gasification process;
  11. Industrial waste gas and torch gas.

2. Product Performance

2.1 Performance

As in Table 2-1.
Table2-1 Product Performance
Accuracy±0.5%, ±1.0%, ±1.5%
Turndown Ratio>1:30
Medium Gas, liquid
Output SignalPulse, 4~20mA
Communication Protocol MODBUS Protocol
Ex-proof Common type, Ex-proof type
Protection IP65
Ex-proof Grade Exdib II BT4(GYB101058)
Working Temp.-40ºC ~+85ºC
Max. Overload Flowrate 120%
Power SupplyDC 24V (600mA), DC12V(1A)
Nominal Pressure 1.6MPa ,2.5MPa,4.0MPa,6.3MPa, 10.0MPa,16MPa,25MPa, 42MPa

2.2 Flow Range

Table2-2 Flow Range in Working Condition
Accuracy 0.5%1.0%1.5%
Velocity (m/s)(1.25~25m/s)(1.0~25m/s)(0.8~25 m/s)
Size (mm)Flowrange (m3/h)
Notes: 1) The above flowerage is in working condition, while flowrange standard condition (0.1MPa, 20ºC)shall be convert to flowrange in working condition for model selection.2) Unit for pressure is MPa, and unit for temperature is ºC;3) For Ultrasonic Meter ≥4.0MPa, the flowmeter must work with pressure ≥0.5MPa

2.3 Accuracy

Table 2-3 Accuracy
Max. ErrorQt≤Q<Qmax±0.5%±1.0%±1.5%
RepeatabilityLess than 1/5*Max. error
Turndown ratio1:201:251:30
Note: Qt is the transition flowrate at 3m/s.

2.4 Temperature and Pressure Measurement

Table 2-4 Accuracy of Pressure and Temperature measurement
ItemRange Accuracy
Temperature -40 ~+85ºC±0.5ºC
Pressure 0 ~10.0MPa0.25 %FS

2.5 Current Output 4~20mA

The current output is passive and the flowrate in standard condition relative to 20mA can be revised.Table 2-5 Parameters for 4~20mA passive output
Basic Error0.2% FS
Temperature influence±0.01% / ºC
The sample resistance shall be 250~600 Ω

2.6 Positive Frequency Output

Positive frequency output shows gas flowrate in standard condition and its pulse equivalent can be revised.Table 2-6 Parameters for frequency output
Frequency Range(0~2)kHz
Basic Error±0.0005%
Temperature influence±0.0001% / ºC

2.7 RS485 Output

RS485 of Ultrasonic Meter use Modbus protocol and RTU mode. Please refer to item 5.5 of user manual, or contact local agency.

2.8 Working Condition

Table 2-7 Ambient condition
Ambient temperature-25ºC~+55ºC
Relative Humidity≤ 80% (25ºC)
magnetic field intensity<400A/m
Mechanical vibrationf<30Hz, amplitude<0.1m
Magnetic interferenceAvoid such interference
Sonic noiseAvoid such noise

2.9 Power Consumption

Normal power consumption is 5W, max. 7W.

2.10 Weight

Table 2-8 Weight for Ultrasonic Meter
Note: the above weight is for Ultrasonic Meter with PN=1.6mpa

Lynsb Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeter with Atex &amp; IEC Ex-Certificates

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