Digital Electromagnetic Flowmeter Turbine Vortex Oil Flow Meter Liquid Water Magnetic Flow Meter

Digital Electromagnetic Flowmeter Turbine Vortex Oil Flow Meter Liquid Water Magnetic Flow Meter

Electromagnetic Flowmeter (CX-HEMFM) This technology of magnetic electromagnetic flowmeter has a number of advantages wh
Basic Info.
Main Application Water, Wastewater, Corrosive Liquid/Gas
Size DN50-100
Sensor Tube/Flange
Application Industrial Production
Type Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Measuring Media Liquid
Measuring Principle Electrical Principles
Measurement Object Closed Pipeline
Certification JIS, DIN, ANS, GB, CE, RoHS, ISO, SGS
Body Material Carbon Steel/SS304
Electrode Material SS316
Pressure 10bar
Type and IP Code Integrated Type IP65, Remote Type IP68
Power Supply 220V/24V/Lithium Battery
Connection Flange
Lining Material PTFE/Rubber
Output Pulse/4-20mA/RS485
Flow Range 0.16-25000 M³/H
Medium Liquid
Transport Package Carton
Trademark GN
Origin China
HS Code 9026100000
Production Capacity 5000PCS/Month
Product Description

Electromagnetic Flowmeter (CX-HEMFM)

This technology of magnetic electromagnetic flowmeter has a number of advantages when it comes to liquid flow measurement. The sensors are generally inserted in line into the pipes' diameter, and are therefore designed such that they do not disturb or restrict the flow of the medium under measurement. As the sensors are not directly immersed in the liquid-there are no moving parts-there are no wear and tear concerns.

The method of magnetic electromagnetic flowmeter measures the volume flow, which means the measurement is insensitive to changes in effects such as fluid density, temperature, pressure, and viscosity. Once the electromagnetic water flow sensor measurement transmitter meters is calibrated with water, it can be used to measure the other types of conductive fluid-with no additional correction. This is a significant advantage that other types of flow meters don't have. What's the technical parameters of magnetic electromagnetic flowmeter?

Production NameMagnetic electromagnetic flowmeter
MediumWater; Wastewater; Mud and varioue kinds of conductivity liquid
Temperature<80ºC(rubber); <180ºC(PTFE)
Pressure4.0MPa(DN10~80); 1.6MPa(DN100~150); 1.0MPa(DN200~1000); 0.6MPa(DN1200~2000)
Flow speed0.3~10m/s
Requirement of pipelineUpstream ≥5DN; Downstream≤3DN
ElectrodeStainless steel 316L(standard); Titanium; Tantalum; Hastelloy
LiningPTFE; Rubber
ConnectionFlange; Thrad; Clamp on
Body materialCast steel; Stainless steel
Power supply220V; 24V; Battery
OutputPulse; 4~20mA; HART; RS485; MODBUS; GPRS
CommunicationHART; RS485; MODBUS
Explosion proofCustomized
ProtectionIP65 or IP68
EnvironmentEnvironment: -20~60ºC

ItemThe Electrode table
MaterialThe Medium
SS316LFor: Living water; Wastewater; Corrovise water and Mud, etc;
Hastelloy BFor: Non-oxidizing acids at concentrations less than 10%; NAOH Concentrations less than 50%
Hastelloy CFor: Mixed Acid and Oxidizing salts
TitaniumFor: Salt and weak acid; Not application: Hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and other reducing acids
TantalumFor: Hydrochloric acid(<40%); Sulfuric acid and Other oxidizing acids
PlantinumFor: Almost all acid-base salt solution But not application for aqua regia, except ammonium salt
Tungsten carbideFor: Pulp; Sewage; Slurry


1. Installation location

  • Avoid the magnetic objects and equipment with stong electromagnetoc field;
  • Should installa the flow meter at ventilated location;
  • Avoid the location wherer ambient temperature above 50ºC and relative humidity above 90%;
  • The water flowmeter should be installaed at somewhere spacious;
  • The DH1000 series Digital Electromagnetic Water Flow Meter with RS485 Signal should be installaed behind pump and the value should installa at downstream.

2. Installa the flow sensor

  • Must to ensure the pipeline is fulled and without bubbles to keep the high accuracy;
  • The flow direction shoudl keep with sign on the body of flowmeter;
  • Ensure the double electrodes keep Horizontal;
  • If the medium is mixed by liquid and solid, Pls installa it at vertical to extend the working life of lining;
  • If the environment with shocked pls installa the bracket at both front and behind;
  • If the medium is pollution liquid, should installa the flow meter at bypass pipe and don't interrupted when you on service;

3. Requirement of Straight pipe

  • The straight of pipe at inlet must more than 10×DN, Suggest 15DN; At outlet, the straight pipe at least 5×DN;
  • If at the upstearm of flowmeter, there are values, elbow, the straight must need 15×DN;
  • Pls installa the shut-off value at both front and behind of flow meter;

4. Installation advance

  • The installation location for you reference

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