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Gas Analysis with the Mass Flowmeter : Quote, RFQ, Price and Buy

Jul 15, 2023Jul 15, 2023

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The FMA-4100/4300 series mass flow totalizers and meters can be programmed remotely using the RS232 or RS485, functioning to measure the rate of gas flow and record it in 23 selectable units. These devices have a multitude of applications due to an extensive list of functions, including high and low gas flow alarms, gas flow totalizers, automatic zero adjustments, 2s relay outputs, jumper selectable 0 to 5 Vdc or 4 to 20 mA analogous outputs, status LED diagnostics, storable calibrations and internal or user-specific K-factors. The local LCD display has 2 lines, each of 16 characters and modifiable back lighting, which enables concurrent readings. Use of RS232 or RS485 enables access of further data, such as the temperature of CPU, auto zero, flow, linearization table adjustment, settings for both totalizer and alarms, gas table, conversion factors, selection of units and dynamic response compensation.

Both the local and remote activation of the FMA-4100 or 4300 enables automatic offset zero adjustment. This is particularly useful in situations where there is minimal flow through the meter when it is being modified. Digital commands enable the current automatic zero value to be read, saved or started. Totalizer settings can be altered in order to enable various functions: assigning action to a pre-set value, setting to zero, starting at a pre-set flow, starting/stopping totalizing and reading. Alarms can also be set up prior to use which can indicate both high and low flow, and can be appointed pre-set delay intervals of 0 to 3600 seconds, which activate the contact closer. An additional feature, called the latch mode control, functions to permits each relay to be latched on or ensure the interrelated alarm status. However, these transducers cannot be used to measure oxygen.

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SpecificationsCalibrations:Environmental (PER IEC 664):Flow Accuracy (Including Linearity):Repeatability:Flow Temperature Coefficient:Flow Pressure Coefficient:Turndown Ratio:Flow Response Time:Max Gas Pressure:Max Pressure Drop:Gas and Ambient Temperature:Relative Gas Humidity:Leak Integrity:Attitude Sensitivity:Output Signals:Relay:Transducer Input Power:Power Consumption:Wetted Materials:Standard Aluminum Models:Optional Stainless Steel Models:Optional O-ring Materials:Inlet and Outlet Connections:Model FMA-4100/4300:Optional:Display (FMA-4300 Models):Calibration Options:CE Compliance:Emission Standard:Class A Immunity Standard:EN 55082-1: