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Fox Thermal Instruments introduces Fox Model FT4X Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Jun 23, 2023Jun 23, 2023

February 1, 2018 - Fox Thermal Instruments announced today the launch of their new product: the Fox Model FT4X Thermal Mass Flow Meter, designed for serving the Oil & Gas and Industrial Process applications.

A feature of the Model FT4X is the Data Logger. The FT4X Data Logger records flow rate, totals, and other events and alarms. Other features of the Model FT4X Data Logger include:

The logs in the Model FT4X Data Logger also give information about the meter’s settings and functionality:

The FT4X was designed to be used in Oil & Gas and Industrial applications. It is suitable for applications monitoring pure gases, mixed gases, and even complex flare gas compositions. Gas-SelectX provides an expanded selection of gases from 3 menus:

The FT4X is equipped with the 2nd generation of DDC-Sensor. Its design provides a technology platform for calculating accurate gas correlations for the Gas-SelectX feature.

FT4X View software allows adjustments to the meter configuration, evaluation of alarm conditions, collection of process data, and measurement viewing from the user’s PC or control station. Moreover, this software can be used to initiate CAL-V -- and it automatically logs the results of each CAL-V test. If any regulatory submission is required, the software will generate a certificate for recordkeeping.

A USB connection port comes standard on the new Model FT4X which allows access with a laptop.

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